Drink reminder for the entire day.


No effort necessary. Simply put it in the dishwasher .


Why you should use a time dig? 3 reasons for this!

🦸🏻‍♀️ Not just a bottle.
The water level remains visible. If the water has not been drunk, the time will simply continue to appear.

💦 You will drink more water.

We bet you drink more water! Our bottles make drinking exciting and easy. Feel free to try it out!

🏂🏼 You become more efficient.
Our immune system has the task of protecting the body from all kinds of toxins. We help by drinking enough water .


Klein für die Tasche, zum mitnehmen oder groß für zuhause zum Hydrieren.

Deine Zeitbuddel gibt´s in 2 Ausführungen.

Klein & Groß.

Die kleine Version passt in jede Handtasche und begleitet dich unterwegs, während die große Variante zu Hause eine stilvolle & hydrative Ergänzung für deinen Alltag darstellt.

Ganz gleich, ob du unterwegs bist oder zu Hause entspannst, diese Flaschen sind immer für dich da. 🏠

I have constant headaches because I don't drink enough. Thanks to this wonderful bottle, that's over! One look at my bottle and I can see whether I've drunk enough thanks to the ring and the time. Goodbye headaches!

👷👩‍💻👮‍♂️ voted

Be careful when choosing the right bottle! There are different variants.

We are looking after you! Everyone organizes their day differently!

👷Navigator: For our early risers who make the most of the day. The body loses fluid at night, which it needs in the morning.

👩‍💻Sunbeam: Suitable for everyone who gets up with the sun and doesn't have to start the day too early.

👮‍♂️Nachtigall: Drinking enough during the night shift can be a problem. Not with our nightingale at your side.

Impressions & MORE

Our bottles, your pictures!


In terms of quality, the bottle makes a very high-quality impression.



The bottle is also sealed with carbonated drinks. I immediately ordered a few more rings :)!



Everything's great so far. Not expired. I drink more than before and the bottle seems to be of high quality.

André K.

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Questions about us

Your time dig is free of BPS/BPA. We also don't come across other hormone-active substances.

We produce fairly & vegan directly in Germany. Therefore, we not only have short supply chains, but also super fast shipping.

Questions about time digging

In any case! As long as your drink is not hotter than 60 degrees, the bottle can handle it without any problems.

The glass is very stable. If the bowl falls over, that's no problem at all. The bottle is also well protected by the rings, which act as a kind of damper.

The tank is designed for carbonic acid medium and is accordingly tight.

Du kannst alle Ringe, bis auf die rosanen & brombeer Ringe problemlos waschen.